Our Development Process

Websoft Segment offers a wide spectrum of web site design services, we have a team of experienced, well-qualified and professional persons who are masters of web designing, and our team of web designers uses the advanced and latest technologies and their polished skills help in meeting the customer demands.

Websoft Segment is the premier web development company. Our web development services can range from creating the simplest static single page website of plain text to the most intricate web-based Internet/Intranet applications, web portal development, content management systems (cms) and custom development.

Our website development process is broken down into seven distinct phases like :

  • Business Plan information Gettring Phase
  • Client Requirements Analysis
  • Creation Of Modules,Flow Chart,DFD,Data Flow Structure etc
  • Design and Code According Client Requirements
  • Testing Phase
  • Product Release Phase
  • Maintenance Phase

1. How To Get Started ?

  • Simply Choose One of our Web Design Package. Collect the necessary contents regarding your site.
  • Contact Us and give all your specific requirements.
  • Find out your Domain Name (Website Name) which is want to register.
  • Find out 3-4 site which are mostly liked by you, these sites are consider to design your site.
  • Register the domain name and web space by make a Payment.
  • Prepare details about corporate Email address which are want to create like info@sitename.com
  • Supply us with text and images for your website.(By email or in pen drive)
  • We will give you a starter demo of your site within 7 days, then you can give your useful corrections.

2. Payment Mode-

  • 40% in advance. (We will book your domain name and webspace by this amount)
  • 20% after website is approved by you.
  • When all necessary correction will be done , this site will upload on server. This stage is generate/ due the all remain payment.

3. Terms and Conditions -

  • When you give the 40% advance then you work will be start.
  • We give you 1 year annual maintenance of your site.We will be make all necessary corrections but in case, new page will be chargeable according to package.
  • Client have to give the contents but if he/she is not provide , We will write it.
  • Lot of changes in the content will be chargeable
  • Our name will be displayed at the bottom of every page of your website